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Indian President Election: Draupadi Murmu manages priceless victory over opposition

Draupadi Murmu with a much-anticipated victory creates history as the 15th President and the first tribal President of India. She is also the second woman in the post, as well as the youngest President of India. Besides, she is the first President of India, who was born after the independence of the country.

After the swearing-in ceremony set on July 25, the life of President-elect Draupadi Murmu will evolve drastically. Her path outside the limelight will change forever and for the better, along with a burden of glorious purpose. The unassuming politician who started her political career as a councilllor in the state of Odisha will sit in the most prestigious chair in India.

Even though Murmu was the NDA-backed presidential candidate, her journey to the hot seat was not an easy one. Her contestation was quite tough as it was against the veteran politician. Yashwant Sinha. Against such a candidate with a star-studded political career, Draupadi Murmu’s political journey is not eye-catching. However, the former Jharkhand governor, Draupadi gained gradual support among various arenas who supported her unconditionally in her campaign. At the conclusion, even before the counting was over, it was a landslide victory for Murmu over Yashwant Sinha. Even the unified front of opposition failed against the unifying political move of the ruling party.

At the age of 64, Draupadi will take over the Presidential seat from Ramnath Kovind. However, her personal life is filled with tragedies as she lost close and dear members of her family in a short period of time, from 2009 to 2015. While she keeps a low profile in both her personal and political life, Draupadi is deeply spiritual and practices the meditation techniques of the Bramha Kumari movement.

Draupadi's stance on staying out of the political humdrum did not change even after she was NDA’s Presidential nominee officially. She did not make any public statement since she was officially unveiled as the candidate on June 21 but made way with her campaign throughout the country. She received warm welcome across state capitals, and a number of opposition parties, who earlier expressed interest in Yashwant Sinha as their choice, shifted their allegiance to her in the end. The most noteworthy names in the list are, of course, Shiv Sena, BJD, YSR Congress and so on. As she lets her work speak for her, like her whole political career, she proves time and time again that action is more precious than words.

Yashwant Sinha had a long and vibrant track record when he was in BJP. From the national spokesperson of the party to Lok Sabha member as a BJP candidate thrice, the party has given him much. Moreover, he was appointed finance minister in March 1998, and the minister for External Affairs in July 2002. However, he left the party in 2018 stating that "democracy in India is in great danger".

Yashwant Sinha was often criticized for leaving the party that offered him an illustrious career. His over-achieving ambition is what led him to go to a direct clash with NDA as their opposing Presidential candidate. As the lawmakers have put their trust in the NDA Presidential candidate, even from the opposition, it reflects the overall emotion of the Indian population that their trust lies with the central ruling party. Even though the opposition came together with Yashwant Sinha, their efforts were futile in the end, which does not bode well for their future in the upcoming elections in the country.

The future looks bright for India, as it shows the society is ready for change, that too, for the better. Here, anyone, belonging to any background and class can dream of shooting up for the stars. Also, this development has the potential for the decisive upbringing of the downtrodden and backward class in India. In her political career, Draupadi Murmu was a tireless and selfless organizer. If she can continue her work with a similar zeal, India’s future is in safe hands, undoubtedly.