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I am more comfortable and confident in my body now

Asha Negi has been upping her game. Not only in her career choices but her social media posts too reflect change. Her fans and followers are noticing her glam pics on Insta. With projects like TV show, Pavitra Rishta and web projects Baarish (2019), Ludo (2020), Collar Bomb (2021) and Abhay (2022), she has made a mark in the industry while working on her social media game. Talking about her posts that include fitness and sexy looks, she says, "I have been working out and my body has started looking much better. I have been super dedicated in my workout in the last two years and I can see the way my body has changed. I am more comfortable and confident now, which is why the shift to sexier looks and why not? I am able to wear and carry off any outfit. I am exploring and enjoying this phase. There is no goal or agenda." Other than a peek into their lives, actors also stay active to engage the followers. Moreover, many actors feel that social media follower count helps them get cast in projects. Ask her and Negi states, "I have seen this happening that people cast an actor because of high number of social media followers. I don't know if it has happened to me. I don't think it is right and I don't support it."