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Deepika Padukone's simple yet effective skincare routine

Deepika Padukone's approach to skincare is minimal and just involves three steps. Deepika Padukone, on the occasion of International Skin Care Day (celebrated on July 24), has opened up on her idea of self-care in a new blog posted on her beauty brand 82e's website. The actress shared her go-to skincare mantra as well.
If you always wanted to know what Deepika does to maintain that healthy glow, read on. The actress, in the new blog, shared that her skincare routine is influenced by her mother's 'less is more' philosophy. Hence, her approach to skincare is rather minimal.
Deepika simply follows the 'cleanse, hydrate and protect' routine. Just three steps and that is all. "I've found it to be the most simple yet effective routine I've practiced. And for anything more complex, I've sought the advice of a dermatologist," she said.
The actress revealed that it was in her twenties after she began her modeling and acting career that she noticed changes in her skin - sun spots, freckles and pigmentation. It was the result of training outdoors in the sun and travelling in harsh weather conditions as she was a professional badminton player until the age of 16.