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Will ChatGPT make us jobless?

By Susmita Ghosh
Nope! Human intellect comprises of unique experiences only precious to them. Replicating that will need a human brainpower and experience. AI is a good duplicator but doesn't have the edge of going through that experience. But probably yes for those technical writers who always feel threatened for multiple types of reasons.
Not soon, and even then, not entirely. Although such tools can probably automate some routine writing tasks, even the best AI cannot produce great content independently. They're meant to assist, not replace. When AI tools become powerful enough to create literary masterpieces without human assistance, then we'll know it's time to worry.
It actually wrote an entire play in December. But its success led to a lot of traffic on its servers, so those who were planning to do the same in January reported that the latest update 'dumbed' it down.
One person even got ChatGPT to write a children's book, which he published as an e-book on Amazon. He made about $475 in royalties by December 2022 / January 2023 without much effort, and his book is already ranked #31 in the Children's Fiction category.
Machine learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence - supporting supervised, unsupervised and reinforced learning. It includes text to voice and voice to text and expert system. The threat is how accurately a language like voice to text could or text voice could be translated on company specific related style guide.
Then you might have heard of ChatBot (Application assistance) - those days you might have seen a clip like image in Microsoft Office popping for user assistance, which has now scaled to ChatGPT based on OpenAI. This is going to add more value to AI supported devices. There is certainly a threat to Technical writing, content writing and conversion of source code to various programming languages.
Truth is bitter. These technologies were prevalent on high-end computing platforms, such as supercomputer. We were totally ignorant, because we never anticipated that internet speed, latency, OpenAI, Cloud solutions would come to desktop and connection less devices.
Already print media had been given backseat with no one to read books and publish, thanks to internet. This will make even the mind dumb and ears deaf like the machine! Sure a deviation of technology!
From multiple sources who have studied this question, the future is not AI output (or human output for that matter), but AI-assisted human output.
It is just like the calculator. The calculator freed accountants from performing mathematical tasks manually. They used the free time to focus on doing better things - like using Excel, a big step up from the accounts ledgers of old.
Excel data could then be represented pictorially (as in pie charts, bar charts and graphs) with a few mouse clicks, which made it so much easier for non-financial experts [basically, everyone not great at math] to understand.
Accountants still have jobs. In fact, we now need more accountants than in the past.
While discussing on its advantages n disadvantages with Rishi Gangoly, a Digital Marketing Consultant, he informs, "It is challenging to provide a comprehensive list of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, given its vast scope and the rapidly evolving ways in which people are discovering and using it. Every day, new information is emerging about this technology's potential benefits and drawbacks for businesses. To stay updated with the latest developments, I regularly listen to podcasts that explore this topic in depth. However, it is essential to note that the advantages and disadvantages of this technology may vary depending on the specific context in which it is used. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully evaluate this technology's potential benefits and risks on a case-by-case basis."
What ChatGPT lacks according to the users
  Sometimes generate outputs that are not entirely accurate or appropriate.
  Difficult to predict how it will respond to a given input
  Struggles with understanding and responding to some complex questions and prompts.
  Output can be quite dull and generic at times
  not suitable for certain sensitive or regulated use cases
  output is often very similar in structure to the input it receives, not creative
  factually incorrect
  sometimes generated responses that were grammatically incorrect or made syntactical errors
  some responses were irrelevant to the prompt
  output can contain bias and stereotypes based on the data it was trained on
  Not able to provide accurate summaries of text, but with human feedback and additional training on dialog data ChatGPT has shown impressive summary capabilities in demos.
However, there are a few limitations and inaccuracies in the ChatGPT's outputs, hence it's important to keep in mind that it is not always perfect and requires some human oversight. It's also important to consider ethical and compliance concerns when using the ChatGPT. Start Using Chat GPT. A lot of people only know what Chat GPT is but are not using it so they are on the same level as a person who knows nothing about this amazing tool and is missing out on this amazing technology."It has a potential so grow your learning curves and quit comfort zone.