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India-US Partnership Is The Biggest Success Story Of Mutually Beneficial Collaboration: Dr. Sampat Shivangi

“India-US Partnership is the biggest success story of mutually beneficial collaboration of the two great nations, the United States and India, especially in the backdrop of falling relations between the US and China,” said Dr. Sampat Shivangi, a physician, an influential Indian American community leader, and a veteran leader of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI).
The world order has changed since the Ukraine war, said Dr. Sampat Shivangi, National President of Indian American Forum and the Legislative Committee Chairman of AAPI, after he had attended the Luncheon hosted by the Vice President Kamala Harris in honor of the visiting Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on Friday, June 23rd, 20203.Describing how the growing friendship between the greatest and the largest democracies of the world is mutually beneficial to both nations, Dr. Shivangi said, “The US needs a democratic giant cabot. It cannot find a better nation than India, the fifth largest economy and aspiring to be the third largest economy, as ben stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his historical address to the US Congress last week.”Dr. Shivangi pointed out the way, President Biden, who was very much aware of negative propaganda against India regarding its treatment of the minorities, did not seem to have raised the issue with the Indian Prime Minister during their meetings in Washington. While Mr. Modi unequivocally defended India’s democratic values and the equal rights accorded to all of its citizens, President Biden “stood solidly behind India and signed historic treaties that include collaborative efforts to produce jet engines for fighter planes in collaboration with GE and HAL, a warning sign to China after a post-QUAD understanding.”Dr. Shivangi justified President Biden calling China’s President a dictator immediately after the US Secretary of State returned home after so-called successful bilateral meetings between Blinken and his counter parts in Chiba.Lauding the great achievements and contributions of the powerful Indian American community, Dr. Shivangi said, “They are reciprocal in supporting the several Treaties India and the US signed. The presence of the thousands of Indian Americans at the White House lawns was a testament to the strength and its support in developing newer and stronger ties between the two greatest democracies of our times. US government was quick to assess and make efforts to strengthen such a phenomenal transformation of relations.”“In a changing world order, post-Ukraine invasion, India and Indian Americans explore the possibility of reduction in defense supplies from Russia to India a steady friend and partner of India for many decades,” the veteran AAPI leader told this writer. Between 2016 and 2020, India accounted for nearly one-quarter (23 per cent) of Russia’s total arms exports and Russia accounted for roughly half (49 per cent) of Indian imports, the CRS report said.
With India being in a tough neighborhood, Dr. Shivangi pointed out how Russia is unable to provide for the Indian defense requirements. “In this context, a treaty signed between India and the US to supply drones and Jet engine production in India is a great way to move forward and the Indian diaspora welcomes it with open arms.”
A conservative lifelong member of the Republican Party, Dr. Shivangi is the founding member of the Republican Indian National Council. Over the past three decades, he has lobbied for several Bills in the US Congress on behalf of India through his enormous contacts with US Senators and Congressmen.
A close friend to the Bush family, he was instrumental in lobbying for the first Diwali celebration in the White House and for President George W. Bush to make his trip to India. He had accompanied President Bill Clinton during his historic visit to India. Dr. Shivangi is Dr. Shivangi has worked enthusiastically in promoting India Civil Nuclear Treaty and recently the US India Defense Treaty that was passed in US Congress and signed by President Obama.Dr. Shivangi has actively involved in several philanthropic activities, serving with Blind foundation of MS, Diabetic, Cancer and Heart Associations of America. Dr. Shivangi has initiated a number of philanthropic works in India including Primary & middle schools, Cultural Center, IMA Centers that he opened and helped to obtains the first-ever US Congressional grant to AAPI to study Diabetes Mellitus amongst Indian Americans.
Dr. Sampat Shivangi was awarded the highest civilian honor, the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas Sanman Award in 2016 in Bengaluru by the Hon. President of India, Shri Pranap Mukhejee. He was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in New York in 2008. He is married to Dr. Udaya S. Shivangi, MD, and the couple are blessed with two daughters: Priya S. Shivangi, MS (NYU); Pooja S. Shivangi who is an Attorney at Law.